Гостиницы в Праге

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Michelin: Все квартиры в Праге 1 ... высокий уровень обслуживания ... очень хорошие цены

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Le Guide du Routard: Современные и очень привлекательные квартиры в самом сердце Праги. Они удобно расположены и стоят в половину дешевле, чем номер в отеле.

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Why get only a hotel room...
Hotelzimmer nehmen...
...when you can get a whole apartment-hotel for the same price ?
Of course a room and bathroom ...but
also a living-room
a kitchen corner
a room for visitors
a home office
...and the main services of a hotel
24/7 Assistence
Secure CC payment

... or save 50% on the price of a hotel room?

Apartments in the Heart of Prague
within a maximum of 10 minutes by walking from the most famous sights in Prague city centre (Prague 1)
Up to 50% cheaper than 3* hotels
from 15-45 euros per night* see note below for details

...and have breakfast in the privacy of your apartment, or try these great places
minutes away by walking?

A breakfast in these great places costs around 10 euros, you could try several of them... :-) TEST